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Eczema Remedy Baby & Kids Combo Set

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Eczema Remedy Baby & Kids Combo Set includes:

- Eczema Remedy Shower Oil 200ml

- Eczema Remedy Moisturizing Water 150ml

- Eczema Remedy Moisturizing Ointment 40g

- Eczema Remedy Sunscreen SPF50 (40g)

- Eczema Remedy Anti-itch Spray (Baby&Kids) (30ml)

    Vita Green Eczema Remedy Gift Set

    Product Information

    The medical team has integrated many years of experience in the treatment of sensitive skin, and developed a drug-free, natural and effective eczema elimination series by mixing a variety of natural essential oils, herbal ingredients and vitamins. Dry itching problems, and promote skin self-repair, long-term use to restore healthy skin from the bottom. The mild formula is suitable for all sensitive skin and eczema people, and can be used by babies born at the beginning of the month.

    Recommended by 97% of medical staff^, the users prove that it can effectively relieve eczema#

    Nearly 85% of users agree that it improves skin quality within 2 weeks#

    「Eczema Remedy Baby & Kids Combo Set」

    Step 1 Shower Oil :Soap-free, gentle cleansing

    Step 2 Moisturizing Water :Instant moisturizing, solve the problem of skin dehydration

    Step 3 Moisturizing Ointment :Repair eczema sensitivity, promote skin self-repair

    Step 4 Sunscreen SPF50/PA+++ :Sunscreen, blocking UV damage and preventing dry skin

    Step 5 Anti-itch Spray :Sunscreen, blocking UV damage and preventing dry skin

    Nearly 90% of medical staff agree that the 5-step care products of the Eczema series provide more comprehensive care for sensitive skin with eczema than other brands^

    ^The Hong Kong Medical Association 2021 Eczema Product Test - One-to-one observation and interview with 62 eczema children tested by medical staff and fill in the questionnaire

    #Ohpama Eczema Product Trial Activity Survey Report 2021

    How to use

    Step 1: Use Eczema Shower Oil to remove dirt and excess oil on the skin surface, making subsequent skin care products easier to absorb

    Step 2: After bathing and cleansing, use Eczema Moisturizing Water to instantly hydrate the skin, anti-sensitivity and relieve redness

    Step 3: Apply Eczema Moisturizing Ointment to effectively lock moisture and repair the skin's natural barrier, solve dry skin problems, and promote the recovery of damp-sensitive skin

    Step 4: Before going out, apply eczema-eliminating sunscreen lotion to resist the damage of UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays to the skin and improve the skin's protective ability

    Step 5: When children are itchy, use Eczema Anti-itch Spray to instantly relieve itching, allergies, redness and other problems

    *Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations.