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Fortified I See

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✓ Nourish eye fatigue and dryness

✓ Improve eye sight

✓ Maintain high visual sensitivity

✓ Provide eye nutrients

    Vita Green I See Vita Green I See Vita Green I See

    7 Major Eye Care Ingredients

    The 7 major eye care ingredients in I See include blueberry, wolfberry, dendrobium, lutein, and zeaxanthin are more effective than single blueberry eye care! Generally, products that only contain blueberries and wolfberry cannot supplement the nutrition of the macular area!

    - Precious Chinese herbal medicine with high medicinal value
    - Contains Dendrobium polysaccharide, improves the cloudiness of eye lens
    - Nourishes kidney and clears heat
    - Protect kidney, liver and improve eyesight
    - Moisturizes eyes, relieves dryness and fatigue

    - Contains Lycium barbarum polysaccharide
    - Nourishes liver and kidney, improves eyesight
    - Rich in carotene, with antioxidant function
    - Improves visual acuity

    - 115 mg per capsule
    - Contains 16.3% lutein and 3.9% zeaxanthin
    - Effective anti-oxidant, keeps eyes sensitive
    - Protects macular health

    - 70 mg per capsule
    - Contains 36% anthocyanin with polysaccharide/25% anthocyanin
    - Rich in anthocyanins, highly effective antioxidant
    - Improves night vision

    Common Eye Problems

    Hazy eyes

    Red eyes

    Eyes fatigue

    Dry eyes

    Knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine

    Only by protecting the liver and clearing the liver can eyesight be improved, and if the liver functions well, the eyes can be comprehensively protected from the inside to the outside. Therefore, if the liver is not properly maintained, the function of the eyes may be accelerated and deteriorated due to this, and the eyesight of the eyes will be "more and more blurred" at any time! Chinese medicine believes that the physiology of the eyes is closely related to the liver. Among the many eye-protecting ingredients, dendrobium and wolfberry are especially suitable for nourishing the liver and protecting the eyes. Dendrobium has the function of nourishing yin and nourishing eyes, and has been regarded as a good product for eye care by doctors of all ages. Weitejianling "Muqingsu" is a collection of 7 major eye-protecting ingredients, among which Dendrobium and Lycium barbarum are high-quality and valuable liver-enhancing and eye-protecting ingredients, which strengthen the body and nourish the essence, and comprehensively keep your eyes young from the inside to the outside. !

    Eyesight is the responsibility of the macula!

    The macula of the eye is an important part of vision, responsible for central vision and recognizing colors and shapes. The macula needs these two nutrients to maintain the health of the macula and protect the cells located in the macula, including filtering out harmful light.
    *Based on internal market research, compare the content of the product's packaging instructions.

    The macula loses nutrients every day!


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