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1-month "Slimming and Detox" Journey

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Take 2 sachets of Ultra Burn to start your fat burning engine, 2 sachets of 3+5 PreProBiotics to strengthen your gut microbiome and 1 sachet of Calorie Blocker to keep fat away.

This combo consists of the following products:

2 boxes of Ultra Burn

2 boxes of 3+5 Pre ProBiotics

1 box of Calorie Blocker

    Ultra Burn - Boost fat burning

    Ultra Burn Burns stubborn fat and activates metabolism! Double exclusive fat-reducing formula 99% of users prove effective* Lose body fat rate, lose weight, improve body shape, increase metabolism* Ultra Bvrn™ Fat Burning Formula Ingredients: Polygonatum extract, lotus leaf extract, soluble fiber, fucoxanthin, L-carnitine oleate

    Ultra Burn effectively burns fat, converts old fat into calories and consumes it, repels stubborn old fat, more effectively prevents fat absorption in food, reduces fat accumulation, and blocks the formation of new fat.

    SlimmBoost™ Boosting Basal Metabolism Formula Ingredient: Mountain slag extract, brown algae extract, cassia extract, apple polyphenols, lily extract

    Ultra Burn can help improve basal metabolism, awaken the metabolic system, activate the fat burning engine in the body, improve fat burning ability, and promote fat decomposition. The same amount of activity can also accelerate the consumption of more calories and fat.

    Ultra Burn is based on scientific research formula, combined with Chinese, Western and Japanese natural fat reducing ingredients, safe and reliable, suitable for long-term drinking.

    *According to NuanceTree Ltd.'s 2020 Product Trial Survey Report of 101 People

    3+5 PPB - Detox

    Audio-Technica "Probiotics + Prebiotics + Dietary Fiber" Live Intestine Ingredients Recommended by

    96% of healthcare users*

    - 3 kinds of prebiotics + 5 kinds of probiotics, to help you replenish and nourish good bacteria, every day is smooth

    - Using [8-layer freeze-drying protection technology], heat-resistant and gastric-acid-resistant, beneficial bacteria can directly reach the intestinal tract

    - 2 kinds of "Lactobacillus" and 3 kinds of "Bifidobacteria", symbiotic with each other to suppress bad bacteria and balance intestinal health

    - 3 kinds of prebiotics + dietary fiber provide enough nutrients for good bacteria and help to support more good bacteria

    Eight major effects

    - regular bowel movements

    - regular bowel movements

    - Smooth without diarrhea

    - Slim down the belly

    - boost immunity

    - Reorganize the gut microbiome

    - Promotes digestive system

    - Reduce bloating and gas

    *The 2021 "3+5 Prebiotics.Bacteria™" Product Test by the Hong Kong Society of Medical Nursing - 50 Hong Kong medical practitioners tried it out for 2 consecutive weeks and filled out the questionnaire

    Calorie Blocker - Block carbs

    Help you cut before meals, from now on to eat and live thin!

    Calorie Blocker™ is specially developed for high-oil, high-fat, high-starch, and high-sweet diets, and fundamentally blocks the four major sources of calories. 1 sachet before meals, maintain your usual food intake, perfectly volley and absorb large meals, and enjoy food to the fullest from now on, completely guilt-free! The unique Kcalbllock+ formula of pre-meal volley is composed of indigestible maltodextrin, β-cyclodextrin, chitosan oligosaccharide, and fructooligosaccharide, 1 packet before or with meals, or it may help stabilize neutral fat and blood sugar after meals The value increases#, and it can slow down the absorption of starch in the intestinal tract and block fat and cut fat accumulation, so it is also very suitable for people who are concerned about the three highs.

    4 heavy precision volleys 4 major heat sources

    - Inhibits fat by 87%, effectively inhibits dietary fat absorption, and perfectly prevents fat accumulation

    - Removes 87% of the oil, strongly coats the oil, and is excreted with food residues

    - Effectively block starch by 30%, reduce excess calorie intake

    - Effectively block the absorption of sweetness by 23%, enjoy sweets from now on

    #This product is for daily health care. This product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claims made for this product are also subject to such registration for assessment. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.