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A natural aid to a better night's sleep. This non-addictive formula will soothe nerves and aid relaxation without causing daytime drowsiness.
    Vita Green Vita Calm Vita Green Vita Calm

    Product Information

    A good night’s sleep is vital to our looks, health and emotional wellbeing, yet for many people getting enough rest is a problem. Periods of stress or ill health may disrupt your sleeping patterns and you may find yourself tired and irritable during the day, making it difficult to concentrate on tasks.

    Western medical solutions such as sleeping pills can be addictive and make you drowsy during the day. Formulated on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Vita Calm offers a natural herbal alternative that will help you relax and sleep more easily.

    Vita Calm is non-addictive, does not cause daytime drowsiness and is safe for long term intake. By taking VitaCalm for several weeks you will find yourself sleeping better and more easily. VitaCalm is also excellent for soothing nerves and maintaining good health.