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Vita Joint Ultra Strength

60 Capsules

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✓ Help relief pain in the joints

✓ Help rebuild and repair cartilage

✓ Strengthen bones and muscles

✓ Help the body stay in balance and improve physical fitness

✓ Improve flexibility in your joints
    Vita Green Vita Joint Ultra Strength Vita Green Vita Joint Ultra Strength

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    吃了關節鬆一點, 上落樓梯也輕鬆很多

    Product Information

    Ageing leads to cartilage wear and synovial fluid loss, which will increase friction between the bones. It also causes the atrophy of bone and muscle which reduces the ability to move and buffer. Besides, from the Chinese medicine perspective, wind, chill and dampness from the environment further affect blood circulation and lead to imbalance in the whole body. All these combined cause tenderness, swelling, pain and stiffness in the joint, affecting one’s mobility and hence affecting daily life. Joint pain is not exclusive to elderlies - young office workers, housewives, middle-aged men and women might suffer from it too. Possible causes of rapid ageing in the joint include under- and over-exercising, heavy weight load, wrong posture, staying in the same posture for too long, etc. These could all lead to joint problems.

    VitaJointTM Ultra strength Capsules is a product of Chinese and Western medicine, formulated with precious natural herbs from both sides of the world. It can effectively improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, strengthen muscles and relief pain. It can also help relax stiff joints, repair and treat joint wear and deterioration so that mobility in your joints can be restored. Best for anyone suffering from joint discomfort who wishes to strengthen their cartilage and joints. It is safe, reliable and suitable for long-term use.


    Store in cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight

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    *Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations.