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Brain Fortifier: Smarten Up

60 Capsules

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✓ Fight against brain fogging

✓ Stimulate brand cell repair

✓ Improve memory, thinking, cognition, judgment and reaction

✓ More than 20 kinds of precious Chinese herbs for brain health

✓ 91% of users prove to improve brain vitality*

    Vita Green Smarten UP

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    Product Information

    91% suffer from mental decline problems*

    In the world, people suffer from mental deterioration every 3 seconds. In Hong Kong, one in 10 suffers from mental deterioration. Surveys show that more than 90% of people suffer from mental deterioration, which affects their daily life. The three major influences on daily life performance, the first is memorylessness, such as forgetting daily locks (with keys, etc.), sometimes forgetting what you just said; second, emotional changes, such as becoming suspicious, sometimes depressed and sometimes irritable; third Third, the expressive power becomes poor, such as using the wrong words and so on.

    Do you or your family have any of the following conditions?

    • poor memory

    Often cannot find things that are often needed (phone, wallet, keys)

    • Difficulty concentrating

    Usually skilled things, take more time to complete, unable to focus on the things to do

    • poor sleep quality

    No matter how you sleep, you can't get enough sleep, and you often feel dizzy

    • emotional ups and downs

    Suddenly irritable, suddenly became negative, became suspicious

    • slow thinking

    Slow comprehension of thoughts and confusion, difficulty in making decisions

    • Tiredness and low spirits

    Feeling dizzy and tired in daily life, feeling unwell, dizziness, ear dizziness, bloating

    All of the above are signs of mental retardation! If the above 2 items are mentioned, it is recommended to start taking "Brain Genie - Memory Formula"!

    "Brain Spirit - Memory Recipe" 5 effects activate brain vitality
    There are three main reasons for mental decline, one, excessive accumulation of harmful proteins; two, cell oxidation; three, nerve cell damage. "Brain Spirit - Memory Recipe" of Vitagen can target the cause behind the problem and maintain the health and vitality of the brain.

    "Brain Spirit - Memory Formula" was developed by a team of Chinese and Western medicine. On the basis of using the classic Chinese herbal medicine, it specially added vitamin B group to activate the brain. The combination of Western and Western formulas activates brain cells, promotes nerve cell message transmission, slows down and Inhibit cell oxidation, thereby helping improve memory, cognition, thinking and reaction, and help maintain brain vitality.

    1. Remove harmful proteins: remove and inhibit harmful proteins in the brain

    2. Restart cellular messaging: help the messaging process

    3. Activate brain cell repair: repair and inhibit brain cell oxidation

    4. Protect nerve cells and reduce damage: reduce damage and maintain cell activity

    5. Reconcile emotions and spirit: soothe the mind and reduce anxiety

    2 capsules a day to easily activate brain power!

    • Improve memory, cognition, thinking ability, reactive thinking
    • Maintain emotional health
    • Improve sleep quality
    • Activates repairing brain cells
    • Maintain brain health

    Unique scientific research formula combining Chinese and Western
    • Derived from Chinese and Japanese herbal formula for brain health
    – Referring to the ancient Chinese herbal brain-building recipes, including "Huan Shao Dan" from "Puji Fang", "Kai Kai San" and "Ganmai Dazao Soup" from Japanese "Yixin Fang", etc. , can replenish vitality, kidney qi and blood qi, without the side effects of western medicine
    • More than 20 kinds of herbs for brain
    – Precious Ganoderma lucidum: Reduces neuronal damage, promotes antioxidant activity
    – Ginseng: Reduces the accumulation of harmful proteins in the brain
    – Rhodiola alpine: promotes blood circulation in the brain
    • Specially added brain vitamin B complex to enhance performance
    – Vitamin B1 maintains normal nerves
    – Vitamin B6 helps neurotransmitters and maintains a good mood
    – Vitamin B9 assists in the production of new cells
    – Vitamin B12 helps enhance cognition

    4 weeks of user experience to counteract brainstorming*
    • 91% of users show better scores on the Brain Vitality Test (MMSE) after taking it
    • 91% of users agree that 4 weeks can help improve cognitive function, including:
    Improve self-care ability and quality of life / Improve memory / Improve judgment and problem-solving skills
    Faster reaction / improved thinking speed / expression ability / cognition

    *According to NuanceTree Ltd.'s 2021-2022 "Brain Genie - Memory Recipe" trial survey report, the number of respondents was 44
    # Data on file

    *Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations.