寧心 - Vita Green 維特健靈 海外網店
寧心 - Vita Green 維特健靈 海外網店
寧心 - Vita Green 維特健靈 海外網店
寧心 - Vita Green 維特健靈 海外網店

Vita Calm

60 Capsules


Major Ingredients

Lingzhi (Reishi)

Poria Cocos


A natural aid to a better night's sleep. This non-addictive formula will soothe nerves and aid relaxation without causing daytime drowsiness.
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Vita Calm

Why Choose Vita Calm?

Made from natural ingredients, it will not cause dependency - - 建議服用天然複方中草藥「寧心」膠囊來調養臟腑,有助從根本擺脫失眠。「寧心」膠囊並非安眠藥,在日間服用不會引起睏睡及影響工作,亦不會造成依賴,讓慣性服食安眠藥的人士有更安全可靠的選擇。

A university clinical experimental study shows that -
- 失眠人士在兩星期有效改善失眠,四星期內服用以純天然中草藥提煉的「寧心」後,八成更有顯著改善, 而且停服「寧心」後,仍然能保持優質睡眠,證明「寧心」功效顯著,安全無副作用。

Suffers From Insomnia or Sleeping Problems

People Under Mental Stress and High Pressure

Symptoms of Insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep,
takes at least 60 minutes to fall asleep.

Early awakening,
with less than 6 hours of sleep.

Fragmented sleep,
with waking up 4 times or more during the night,
and waking time exceeding 40 minutes.

Long-term shallow sleep,
with short duration of deep sleep,
feeling unenergetic and tired upon waking up.

天然中藥 「寧心」​ 調理臟腑 根源改善失眠​

Regulating the internal organs to help with falling asleep.

Regulating the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and brain to improve the overall physical constitution.

Calms the mind, soothes the spirit, and reduces stress.

Relaxing tense emotions and calming the mood.

Aiding Sleep: promoting natural sleep onset.

Nurturing an easy-to-sleep constitution to improve insomnia.

Deep Sleep: enhancing sleep quality.

Reducing vivid dreaming, early awakening, light sleep, and increasing deep sleep.

No Side Effects.

Non-addictive, safe, and reliable.

10大天然中藥 全面改善失眠

Lingzhi (Reishi)

Nourish the heart and calm the mind
Promote restful sleep

Poria Cocos

Nourish the spleen and calm the mind
Improves mental restlessness


Clears the mind and eliminates vexation
Helps to sleep peacefully

Sour Date Seed

Improves palpitations and excessive dreaming

Has Proven Its Effectiveness In Improving Insomnia

Clinical trials conducted by local university

Taking the Chinese herbal supplement Vita Calm by insomniacs effectively increases the adequacy, stability, and depth of sleep, and improves insomnia and sleep quality.

Empirical evidence from an authoritative market research group

The Chinese herbal supplement Vita Calm helps insomniacs improve difficulty falling asleep, early awakening, and insomnia after-effects.

Vita Calm has been clinically proven by a local university and confirmed by an authoritative international market research company
to effectively and significantly improve insomnia.

#Market Research Group 2013 Product Trial Research,
^Hong Kong local university, 2000. Data on File.

用家實證​ 更易入睡 提升睡眠質素​

85%Improve sleep quality

82%Helps to fall asleep within 30 minutes

79%Improves waking up multiple times during the night

放鬆減壓, 促進入眠, 改善失眠​,
提升睡眠質素, 絕無副作用
#Precise Market Research Group's product trial study in 2013 with 33 participants taking Vita Calm for 4 weeks.

Vita Calm : Recommended Usage

Relieving Stress

Take orally, twice daily, one to two pills each time.

Restless sleep, frequent dreams, and easy awakening

口服,睡前兩至四小時,服用兩粒​ 服用3個月為1個療程

Comparison Between Different Brands of Sleep Aids Supplements

Table header 0維特健靈 寧心Conventional Sleeping Supplements
Ingredients- Top 10 natural Chinese herbal formulas for improving sleep- All Western medicine ingredients
Side Effects- 絕無副作用,安全可靠 
- Non-addictive
- Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, depression, restlessness, sleepwalking, etc.
- May cause dependence, should not be taken for a long time
The Mechanism of Falling Asleep- Targeting the heart, liver, spleen, kidney, and brain to fundamentally improve insomnia
- Calming the nerves - relaxing nervous tension and reducing stress
​ - 助眠—平靜思緒,自然入睡​
- Deepening sleep - improving sleep quality
- Reducing brain activity and inducing fast sleep onset
Sleep Quality- Improving frequent dreams and easy awakening
- 提升睡眠質素​
- Increasing deep sleep
- Solving insomnia problems
- There is a chance of experiencing mid-night awakenings, early morning awakenings, and other conditions once the effect of the medication wears off
​ - 未能紓緩身心疲勞
Daytime Performance- Restoring energy during the day- Feeling drowsy and tired even after waking up
After Discontinuation- Maintaining good sleep quality- Returning to the state of being unable to fall asleep
- Even worsening the problem of insomnia

Why Choose Vita Green?


Professional Medical Team

No Added Metal and Preservatives

TCM Modern Technology

About Vita Green

Vita Green was founded by two medical experts with a mission to bring health to the public. To achieve this goal, Vita Green creates high-quality and safe nutritional supplements to enhance the health of modern individuals. Vita Green excels in utilizing the treasures of traditional Chinese medicine, which has a history of over 5,000 years, and combines the most rigorous Western medical standards with modern cutting-edge technology to develop high-quality, safe and reliable modern Chinese medicine. This approach enables modern urbanites to fundamentally improve their health.

Vita Green also offers a series of high-quality vitamins and health supplements imported from the United States, the "Doctor's Choice Vitamin Series", providing Western nutritional supplements to Asian customers. With a diverse range of products that combine Eastern and Western traditions, Vita Green comprehensively caters to the different needs of men, women, and the elderly, creating a healthy and happy life for you and your family.

Dr. Helen Chan, M.D.

我的丈夫和我在 1993 年創立了 維特健靈,因為我們相信健康應該掌握在每一個人手中。 作為西方和中國專業的熱情實踐者,我們知道有機會將西方科學的優勢融合起來,重新定義東方草藥規格,讓當今的消費者更容易獲得健康。 

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