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60 Capsules

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Scientifically proven to enhance liver protection and minimize liver damage

- Stimulate cell renewnal and repair damaged cells

- Optimise liver detoxification

- Reduce the accumulation of toxins and fats

- Resist unwelcome cellular growth

- Slows the aging process through antioxidation

- Help enhance metabolism

- Help relieve fatigue

    Product Information

    The ingredients are proven by local university research

    - Strengthen liver protection barrier

    - Effectively reduce damage

    Unique Tri LiverPro™ Liver Triangle

    Tri LiverPro™ Liver Triangle™, improve liver health comprehensively

    The first step "purification and detoxification": promote detoxification function and anti-alcohol ability, reduce liver fat accumulation

    Step 2 "Enhanced Renewal": Strengthen liver function and renew liver tissue

    The third step "repair damage": repair damaged liver cell membrane

    Unique 5 Chinese and Western ingredients for liver health

    Contains Precious Natural Liver Herbs, Vital PL™ Liver Phospholipid, Natural Vitamin E

    The combination of Chinese and Western products can fundamentally improve liver health, which is more comprehensive than ordinary single phospholipid products!

    Natural Compound Liver Herbs

    Schisandra: Nourishes Qi and invigorates liver and kidney, strengthens detoxification, relieves fatigue

    Salvia: Clear liver and detoxify, reduce liver fat accumulation, reduce the effects of alcohol

    Yunzhi: Fights stubborn diseases and improves immunity

    Vital PL™ Liver Phospholipids

    Contains enhanced repair of damaged liver cell membranes

    Natural Vitamin E

    Antioxidant maintains liver function and strengthens the ability to fight alcohol

    *Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations.