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Energy Plus

30 Sachets

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✓ Instantly recharge and refresh one’s spirit

✓ Refreshing effect will be apparent 30 minutes after consumption*

✓ The refreshing effect will last for 5 hours*

✓ No caffeine added non-addictive formula

    Vita Green Energy Plus
    Vita Green Energy Plus
    Vita Green Energy Plus

    Product Information

    ENERGY PLUS is developed to treat the root cause of fatigue. It helps instantly recharge and refresh one’s spirit.

    No Caffeine added non-addictive formula contains precious Hongjingtian and Dangshen.
    It will not cause dependence or addiction.
    It enhances the oxygen content of red blood cells and facilitates the transport of body energy to all cells of the body.

    ENERGY PLUS provides a superior anti-fatigue choice replacing coffee and products containing only Vitamin B. The refreshing effect will be apparent 30 minutes after consumption and last for 5 hours*.

    The natural formula is suitable for people who often feels tired and those with high energetic demand mentally and physically.

    *Data on file.
    *Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations.