Yunzhi Essence
Yunzhi Essence
Yunzhi Essence
Yunzhi Essence

Yunzhi Essence

✓Suitable for long-term infirm people, recovery from serious illness (after surgery/after recruitment), long-term physical enhancement for people with chronic diseases before and after treatment

Fight serious disease

long-term supplement

Scientifically Assessed

World-wide delivery

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Professional Medical Team

100% Organic

TCM with Modern tech

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Bad health condition

Recovering from a serious illness

Suffering from side-effects of treatment (chemotherapy, electrotherapy)

Affected by chronic symptoms

Major Ingredients

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Helped chemo side effects

My dad is doing chemo and he didn't have much appetite when he first started the treatments, my friend in HK suggested Yunzhi and mailed it over from HK for him to try, I think his situations improved after taking this and so I continued to buy this online, shipping is fast and the online shopping is very convenient for us who are overseas.

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All-Natural Ingredients✔️
GMP Certified✔️✔️
No Side Effects✔️
Scientifically Assessed✔️
100% Plant Based & Gluten Free✔️✔️

Our Story

Vita Green is founded by two Medical Doctors in 1993 with the belief that health should lie in the hands of people to make health more accessible.

Ancient Chinese herbal traditions are our answer as people should have all have the power to better care for ourselves and our loved ones, and it is with this conviction that we pass health, happiness and wellbeing, ‘from a doctor’s hands to yours.’


My husband and I founded Vita Green in 1993 out of the belief that health should lie in the hands of everyday people. As passionate practitioners of Western and Chinese specialties, we knew that there was an opportunity to merge the benefits of Western science to redefine Eastern herbal spec, to make health more accessible for today’s consumer.