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Lingzhi Combo Set (Buy 2)

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Increases the body's antioxidant levels, strengthens the immune system, helps protect kidney cells and may posses anti-ageing properties such as increasing appetite and energy levels, reducing white hair and age spots, and aiding sleep.
    Vita Green natural and wild Lingzhi

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    Pui Ling Hung
    Good quality and product

    Good product

    Love it over 20 years!!!

    I ate it over 20 years, it helps me a lot, keeping me healthy and prevent flu all the time.

    五色靈芝 兩盒裝

    My parents always recommend me to take 五色靈芝 for cancer prevention.
    These 五色靈芝 兩盒裝 arrived from Hong Kong to California, U.S.A. within 10 days. Prompt delivery.

    Product Information

    Lingzhi (Reishi) is the rarest and most precious of Chinese medicinal herbs, renowned for its superb healing powers and free from side effects. Lingzhi has long been prized for its ability to strengthen the heart, boost energy, improve memory, refine the complexion, promote good circulation, restore health and lead to longevity.

    Today, university research is confirming what Chinese traditional medicine practitioners have known for centuries. A type of fungus that grows on trees, there are 100 types of Lingzhi, but only six are prized for their therapeutic powers. These six, identified by their colour, are sorted into five different types according to their healing paths': violet and red are for joints, skin and the heart; white is for lungs; green for liver; yellow for spleen and intestines; and black for brain and kidney.

    All five colours are used to make Vita Green Lingzhi, meaning it is the most complete form of Lingzhi product available to date. It is suitable for all ages, both male and female, and can be consumed over an extensive period of time.