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Vita Green "PressureBest" may help stabilize blood pressure. The product is extracted from a variety of natural Chinese herbal medicine 360o for the problem of high vascular index. It uses pure and authentic Pueraria lobata, which has been proven to help improve cardiovascular health. It also adds rose and chrysanthemum to help relieve agitation and provide you with a comprehensive light pressure.

    Vita Green Pressure Best
    Vita Green Pressure Best

    Product Information

    One out of every four Hong Kong people has a problem with the vascular index
    According to a survey by the Department of Health, one out of every four people in Hong Kong has a high vascular index problem, and many Hong Kong people have a high vascular index without knowing it.

    What is a high vascular index?
    Every minute of the day, the Vascular Index changes with different factors, including body posture, mood, and sleep. However, for adults, if the upper index is continuously at 140 or above, or the lower index is continuously at 90 or above, it is a high vascular index. If the upper index is between 120 and 139, or the lower index is between 80 and 89, it is a high vascular index in the early stage, and you should pay more attention!

    Causes of high vascular index?
    Due to the poor diet and living habits of urbanites, the garbage in the blood vessels accumulates more and more, and the blood flow capacity becomes poor. At the same time, as the age increases, the blood vessels gradually lose their elasticity, increase the blood flow resistance, and form a high blood vessel index. In addition, many people misunderstand that high vascular index is only a cardiovascular problem, but in fact, emotions have a profound impact on vascular health. People with high blood pressure will continue to have high blood vessel index due to excessive secretion of stress hormones and adrenaline in the body. On the other hand, if you are too emotional or perform strenuous exercise, the vascular index may suddenly rise, triggering a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular crisis. Therefore, emotional health is closely related to the problem of high vascular index.

    360o natural light pressing formula developed by Chinese and Western medicine experts?

    PressureBest is developed by a variety of Chinese herbal medicines 360o for the problem of high vascular index

    - Mulberry leaves, oyster mushrooms and kudzu root increase the elasticity of blood vessels

    Mulberry leaves and oyster mushrooms can help dilate blood vessels and enhance blood vessel elasticity; while oyster mushrooms are rich in nutrients, studies have shown that they can help soften blood vessels and promote myocardial function; pueraria has been widely used in China to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Helps dilate blood vessels, reduce blood vessel tension, and enhance blood vessel elasticity

    - Pueraria and hawthorn clear blood garbage
    Studies have confirmed that pueraria can also reduce vascular resistance, improve blood flow, and effectively prevent cardiovascular problems; hawthorn has the effect of clearing blood waste, and hawthorn can improve blood flow and protect the heart muscle from damage.

    - Rose and Hang chrysanthemum reduce excitement

    Rose promotes Qi and relieves depression, and helps to ease emotions; while Hang Ju disperses wind and dissipates heat, clears the heart, improves eyesight, calms liver and detoxifies, and relieves emotions.

    *Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations.