Vita Green Lingzhi Herbal Supplement
Vita Green Lingzhi Healthy, young, energized, beautiful
Vita Green Lingzhi Wild, natural, GMP certified
Vita Green Lingzhi Daily health
五色灵芝 60粒 美国版
Vita Green Lingzhi Herbal Supplement
Vita Green Lingzhi Healthy, young, energized, beautiful
Vita Green Lingzhi Wild, natural, GMP certified
Vita Green Lingzhi Daily health
五色灵芝 60粒 美国版

五色灵芝 60粒 美国版

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  • 补益心、肝、脾、肺、肾五脏
  • 抗疲劳,大大提升精神、活力
  • 宁神安眠,提升睡眠质素
  • 90分钟提升抗氧化能力,抗衰老,保持肌肤亮泽
  • 具双向免疫调节能力,纾缓免疫系统不适症状
  • 减低三高威胁
  • 纾缓多种过敏症状
  • 保护肾组织免受损害
  • 最多西医推荐、信赖及选择服用*


    *Oracle Added Value 2012


      The ONLY Reishi Supplement that Uses 5+1 Types of Mushrooms

      Healthy internal organs are vital to a healthy life. Vita Green Lingzhi includes 5+1 different types of wild reishi mushroom, restoring the balance to your six organs, so you can lead a healthy life.



      By merging the benefits of modern science with Eastern traditions, we offer uncompromising wellness solutions that deliver holistic power naturally. We start from wild & natural reishi harvested in tropical rain forests to deliver holistic power naturally.


      The study of Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) acute and short-term biomaker response to supplementation 

      Data confirms that Lingzhi has antioxidant capacity similar to the antioxidant content of teas, fruit and vegetables. It has long been used for promotion of health and longevity in many parts of Asia, Lingzhi is unique in being consumed for its medicinal rather than nutritional.


      The study of Reishi or Lingzhi  

      Reishi helps Cardiovascular disorders including coronary dilatation and increase coronary circulation. It is a solution to increase the frequency and amplitude of heart contraction that helps balance the blood regulation and help relief from oxygen deprivation.


      Study on the Anti-tumor Effect of Five Coloured Lingzhi

      Lingzhi a precious herb that is known to “correct ills, bring the body back to normal, and strengthen the orgin of the body”, Vita Green five coloured lingzhi had a significant suppression effect on tumor growth of mice liver cancer with no side effects ever noticed.


      Why Vita Green Lingzhi?

      The Only Product You’ll Need

      Vita Green Lingzhi is a complete solution that targets every organ - heart, liver, spleen, brain, lungs and kidneys - making it the best choice for supporting your health.

      Invest in Prevention

      Prevention is always better than cure. Vita Green Lingzhi’s powerful antioxidant effects can help you fight free radicals and strengthen your body’s overall health.

      We Provide Results, Not Promises

      Vita Green Lingzhi is made using only wild reishi mushrooms harvested in the mountains of Guangxi in China - the home of wild lingzhi that nurtures lingzhi in the highest quality.

      Highest Quality for You and Your Family

      Vita Green Lingzhi is manufactured at the highest level of GMP Certified factory under the strictest quality standards in every detail from research, material selection, production and quality control.

      How Vita Green Stacks Up

      Vita GreenOthers
      All-Natural Ingredients✔️
      GMP Certified✔️✔️
      No Side Effects✔️
      Scientifically Assessed✔️
      100% Plant Based & Gluten Free✔️✔️

      Why People Love Vita Green Lingzhi

      Our Story

      Vita Green is founded by two Medical Doctors in 1993 with the belief that health should lie in the hands of people to make health more accessible.

      Ancient Chinese herbal traditions are our answer as people should have all have the power to better care for ourselves and our loved ones, and it is with this conviction that we pass health, happiness and wellbeing, ‘from a doctor’s hands to yours.’ 


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