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I just want to say that it starts to work on my hair like 3 weeks later now I can see a difference on head I like this product and I will recommend definitely yes just remember to be patient and wait to see the results

Spencer Morin

Have been using these for years now since my work brought me to Hong Kong a while back. I feel stronger and healthier when taking these. Crucial for ppl doing a lot of traveling!

Nicolle Finn


Mr. Lai

父親有頭髮問題,而我的頭髮也比較薄,容易斷,於是媽咪買「維新烏絲素」俾我食。 食咗「維新烏絲素」後,而且頭髮問題有所改善,頭髮健康咗,我而家個髮型都變得好睇咗,真係好開心!