Waton Chiku Saku Tape (24 pcs)
Waton Chiku Saku Tape (24 pcs)
Waton Chiku Saku Tape (24 pcs)
Waton Chiku Saku Tape (24 pcs)

Waton Chiku Saku Tape (24 pcs)


What causes dampness in body?
Dampness arises from the body being affected in several ways. It can be due to either a problem arising from the inability of the digestive system to transport fluids, or from the body being overwhelmed by external damp from the environment

✓ Eliminates Dampness in the Body
✓ Promotes Blood Circulation
✓ Improves Overall Body Wellness

Made in Japan

Seeing the effect in 8 hours

Best Quality

Wellness boosting


Natural Organic Ingredients

We use the best quality Mōsō bamboo grown in the deep mountains of Japan.

It is finally refined into a powerful bamboo vinegar, which is extremely pure and contains no harmful impurities, and contains a variety of micronutrients that are useful for the human body.

Why do I need it?

Water swelling on your calves

Always feeling tired

Low sleeping quality or insomnia

Suffering from neck pain or muscle fatigue

Does it really work?

Research conducted by registered Chinese Medical Physicians commissioned by the Hong Kong Health Care Federation shows that:

Users experienced reduced body dampness
Users observed an improvement in blood circulation
Users experienced better body wellness levels


Health Benefits

Waton Saku Tap can effectively eliminates excess dampness and water from the body ; Helps to promote blood circulation, boosts metabolism, alleviates body swelling, reduces pains and eliminates toxins ; Reduces muscle fatigue, sore limbs and cold hands and feet.

Eliminates excess dampness

Reduces muscle fatigue

Promote blood circulation

Boosts metabolism

Four steps and done!

Waton Saku Tape is suitable the people who is under relief fatigue and release stress, allowing you to relax after a long day of work and eliminates excess dampness from the body. Don't worry if you don't know how to use.

Remove the larger piece of adhesive cover from the tape.

Frequently Asked By New Users

Here is a tip for you!

You could also use it not only on foot, but also your palms! Then it will be focusing mostly on your upper body.