Waton Togarashi Tape (24 pcs)

24 pcs

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- Eliminates Dampness in the Body
- Promotes Blood Circulation
- Improves Overall Body Wellness

Research conducted by registered Chinese Medical Physicians commissioned by the Hong Kong Health Care Federation shows that:

*89% of users experience reduced body dampness
*87% of users observe an improvement in blood circulation
*81% of users experience better body wellness levels

• Product accredited by the Hong Kong Health Care Federation
• Developed using a 15-year top-quality bamboo vinegar extracted from the Japanese mōsō bamboo
• Effectively eliminates excess dampness and water from the body
• Helps to promote blood circulation, boost metabolism, alleviate body swelling, reduce pains and eliminate toxins
• Reduces muscle fatigue, sore limbs and cold hands and feet

    Waton Togarashi Tape (24 pcs)
    Waton Togarashi Tape (24 pcs)

    product description

    Japanese top graded Bamboo Vinegar (45%)*, Chitosan, Cellulose, Vitamin C and other high-quality natural ingredients. This product is also enriched with Togarashi (Chili) extract.

    *The all-natural bamboo vinegar is extracted from Japan’s finest mōsō bamboo. Each bamboo has been cultivated for at least four years before developing into vinegar that is fermented for 15 years. This rare and precious bamboo vinegar is made into a powder to maintain its efficacy – preserving the exceptional power and potential of bamboo trees.

    How to use
    1. Place the Waton Chiku Saku Tape on a flat surface and remove the larger piece of adhesive cover from the tape.
    2. Gently place the powdered pad (letter side down) onto the centre of the adhesive tape, making sure the white surface of the pad is facing upwards.
    3. Once the powdered pad is securely placed, tear off the remaining adhesive covers and stick it directly onto the desired area of the body.
    4. It is recommended to apply the Waton Chiku Saku Tape on areas of the palms or feet before sleep. Please reduce movement after using the product to prevent the tape from loosening. Peel off the patches after 8 hours and clean the area with water or wet paper towels.

    *Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations.