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When purchasing a cross-border package on our website, your package will have a certain chance to be randomly inspected by the customs agency in your country and you will be charged import duties.

This fee is not collected every time, so Vita Green cannot know in advance whether it will be charged. If customs duties need to be charged, the local customs agency will contact you and inform you how to pay.

At the same time, according to the Vita Green website policy : when customs clearance of cross-border traded goods, if the customs in the receiving area collect taxes, the relevant taxes and fees should be borne by the recipient.

Please note: the tariff amount will be paid to the government agency, and it will not be refunded after payment. If the tariff amount is unreasonable, please consult our customer service first, and please do not make the payment first.

When making a cross-border purchase, your shipment may be spot checked by the customs agency in your country and import duties may be imposed on you.

These duties may not be collected for every purchase, so Vita Green would not know in advance whether or not you will be charged. If duties need to be collected from you, the customs will contact you about how to collect duties from you.

Besides, according to Vita Green website policy , when goods from a cross-border transaction clear customs and duties are collected by the customs agency in the receiving country or region, all relevant duties and fees shall be borne by the recipient.

Note: Duties will be paid to a government agency and cannot be refunded after payment is complete. If you find that the amount of duties is unreasonable, please inquire with us and hold off from making the payment.