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Vita Hair Revitalizing Tonic 100ml

100 ml

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✓ Supply nutrients to hair

✓ Revitalize hair follicle cells and prevent hair loss

✓ Stimulate the growth of black hair

✓ Regulate secretion of sebum for healthy scalp

    Vita Green Vita Hair Rejuvenating Hair Tonic

    Product Information

    The enhanced formula of Vita Hair Revitalizing Tonic incorporates caffeine with a unique formulation of Chinese medicinal herbs.

    This hair-revitalizing tonic supplies nutrients to hair, revitalizing hair follicle cells and stimulates the growth of black hair. Phyllanthi Fructus prevents hair follicle blockage by regulating secretion of sebum, providing a healthy environment for hair growth.

    *Products effects may vary for different persons and depend upon particular situations.